Settled Confetti Glasses [or large Votives!]

As if I needed any more confirmation that my summer had come to a close, it rained on Labor Day. On the day that was supposed to be my final fling with all things sunny and sandy, I was stuck inside, sans fruity drinks, sans UV rays, and sans anything to do. The cloudy thoughts quickly subsided when I realized, I haven’t had a day with nothing to do in a long time. Toggle to: Craft mode. I had my eye on a couple of DIY projects on Pinterest for quite a while, and now seemed like the perfect time to revert to the crafting-queen I was back in my sorority days. After a quick trip to the craft store for supplies, I came home, threw some Asian inspired orange chicken in the crock pot (keep an eye out for the recipe in tomorrow’s post!), plopped down with my goodies and flipped on the TV. As if it were fate, (or a cruel joke reminding me how much of a novice I truly am), “Julie and Julia” was on. The perfect, coincidental, ironic movie for me to watch as the smell of the slow cooker seeped through my house and I sat Indian style on the ground pretending to be a domestic diva. Diva? Definitely. Domestic? I’m giving it a shot.

On to the project.  I recently saw someone on Pinterest try to recreate these Settled Confetti Glasses from Anthropologie.  They are super-cute, and seemed like the perfect task to easy my rusty-self back into the crafting world.  I purchased a few acrylic paints (FolkArt Enamels, which are glass and ceramic paints, and claim to be scratch-resistant and top-shelf dishwasher safe) and an angular flat brush to get the desired “confetti” shape.  In my neck of the woods, Ikea is right next to the craft store, so I headed in looking for tumblers.  They didn’t have the short ones I wanted, so I settled for these taller glasses for my trial run, planning on doing another search for tumbler’s later.

And as simple as that, I started “confetti-ing.” I literally just held the glass upside down on my knee, rotating it to create an even distribution of the colors. You’ll want to put more on the bottom of the glass to give the effect that the confetti was floating in the air and is now starting to settle on the bottom.

And a couple hundered brush strokes (well, dots…) later, this was the final product!

At the time, I was reading online that I needed some sort of sealer to keep this paint from coming off when I washed the glasses. Resistant to the idea of a second trip to the store in the rain, my mind instantly flipped to how cool these little guys would look with some illumination inside of them! As large votives, I wouldn’t have to wash them as frequently, and therefore wasn’t running the risk of my cute little confetti pieces wearing off.  Maybe next time I’ll seal them and use them as glasses, but for now I must say, these tea lights (resting in a bed of salt!) look perfect!


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