DIY Simple Fall Wreath

This blog was a bandwagon thing. My friend Amanda is a very talented cooker, baker, and crafter extraordinaire, started an awesome blog called Paint the Town Pretty.  For the past month, I think we’ve done a decent job at keeping our posts different: For the most part, she’s just better at this stuff than I am. So her food is more yummy, crafts more well thought out.  But last week that was not the case.  As soon as I received an email notifying me that she had published a new post, I literally laughed out loud.  There in my inbox was her cute little fall wreath, crafted with the exact same supplies (I’m talking, even the same exact flowers) that were currently laying on my living room floor being assembled.  There are two explanations for this: (1) Great minds think alike, or (2) there were a limited selection of cute flowers in the clearance bin at the craft store.

So instead of recreating the wheel, I’ll refer you to Amanda’s very simple instructions for creating your own fall wreath.  And here’s mine… 🙂

DIY Simple Fall Wreath | Something to be Savored


One thought on “DIY Simple Fall Wreath

  1. hahaha I still can’t get over the fact that we even picked out the same flowers. I love the way yours came out ! I like the idea of using your address. Maybe one day I’ll grow up and buy a house and have an address. Something about making one with “Apt # ” and hanging it on my plan white door just seems depressing 😉 Show us how you made the bow. I love a good bow tutorial!

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