About the blogger


Things that make me the happiest are sushi, red wine, and traveling. More specifically, spicy tuna rolls, chianti, and Italia.  I used to pride myself on being a jet-setter (Favorite American city? New Orleans. Best beach? Saint John USVI. Coolest European town? Toss up between Venice and Prague.)… and then I got a mortgage.  Now with my wings clipped by my grown-up obligations, I’ve realized that I find joy in the little things I do every day. I’m the first to admit, I’m not the world’s best cook, crafter, photographer, etc. For that reason, I don’t even attempt to pretend those hobbies can pay my bills. Every day, I wake up and drive to an office. When I get there, I sit my behind in a cubicle. And then I power up my PC and proceed to have major nerd moments about new programs that my boss got for me, or new projects that I get to “make pretty.” With a job I like, a beautiful little house, and the most kick-ass group of family and friends a girl could ask for… I’d say there are a whole lot of somethings in my life to be savored.


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