DIY Coasters [tiles + scrapbook paper]

Know what sucks? Ruining your furniture because you didn’t use a coaster. Know what sucks even more? Not having coasters to match your every occasion (right?!). Thankfully, scrapbook paper comes in about 9837583 different colors, patterns, and designs. And even more luckily, you can make your own coasters for cheeeaaap. So whether you’re looking to give a cost-savvy housewarming gift, or are just another nit-picky home decorator trying to ensure every detail matches, you will love how easy these coasters are to make. Continue reading


DIY Antiqued Foil Monograms

My parents still have this framed at their house. When I was 6, I did a DIY foil project, and I didn’t even know it. I remember putting the thin copper foil over a stencil, and the teacher told us to rub every little nook until we could see the entire stencil.  Fast forward 18 years later, and a little phenomenon called Pinterest brought my attention to this craft.  I decided to take a stab at it because (1) how hard could it be?! and (2) the Pinterest example was an H, it must be fate.  I’ve also apparently downgraded my crafting skills over the years, because I’m pretty certain the 1992 version looks cooler than my 2012 version. Regardless, it’s a neat technique, and if you’re a better glue-drawer than me, you could make something pretty cool! This would also be a neat project to do with kids. So read on…
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Settled Confetti Glasses [or large Votives!]

As if I needed any more confirmation that my summer had come to a close, it rained on Labor Day. On the day that was supposed to be my final fling with all things sunny and sandy, I was stuck inside, sans fruity drinks, sans UV rays, and sans anything to do. The cloudy thoughts quickly subsided when I realized, I haven’t had a day with nothing to do in a long time. Toggle to: Craft mode. I had my eye on a couple of DIY projects on Pinterest for quite a while, and now seemed like the perfect time to revert to the crafting-queen I was back in my sorority days. After a quick trip to the craft store for supplies, I came home, threw some Asian inspired orange chicken in the crock pot (keep an eye out for the recipe in tomorrow’s post!), plopped down with my goodies and flipped on the TV. As if it were fate, (or a cruel joke reminding me how much of a novice I truly am), “Julie and Julia” was on. The perfect, coincidental, ironic movie for me to watch as the smell of the slow cooker seeped through my house and I sat Indian style on the ground pretending to be a domestic diva. Diva? Definitely. Domestic? I’m giving it a shot. Continue reading