Restaurant Replica: “The World’s Greatest Sandwich” from The Knight House

Restaurant Replica: "The World’s Greatest Sandwich" from The Knight HouseIf a restaurant claims to be serving “the world’s greatest sandwich,” you have  to order it, right? I mean how could you not test out such a bold claim of superiority? Well, I passed it up, but my boyfriend certainly couldn’t.  The results: Great indeed, he claims. Maybe the best sandwhich ever.  Can we recreate it at home? Duh, no problem.

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Chipotle Chicken Crunch Wraps

Chipotle Chicken Crunch Wraps | Something to be SavoredI love things that are chipotle flavored. Like, really REALLY love. I also thought that a guilty pleasure of mine was Taco Bell (although I haven’t had it since college — apparently there’s a reason), but was kind of disgusted by the thought of the goopy-jarred-nacho-cheese-and-ground-beef-combo called for in this Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme recipe. But the idea of the DIY crunch wrap was too cool to pass up, and hence, the Chipotle Chicken Crunch Wrap was born! And it was amazing. Awesome. Loved by all. I need more crunch wraps in my life. Continue reading