Spicy Chipotle Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps | Something to be SavoredI could eat tacos every day. Think of all the variety! Chicken, beef, fish… topped with veggies, sour creme, guac, cheeses… the possibilities are endless. And best yet, I think they taste just as phenomenal when you replace the taco shell with crispy iceberg lettuce!  We usually make these with ground turkey in my house so they’re pretty healthy, but you could use ground beef or chicken instead.  And just like any tacos, these fantastically dynamic tasty noms can be topped with anything that tickles your fancy.
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Eggplant Parm Bites [the baked vs. fried challenge]

Last week, I found a super cute little farm/farmer’s market practically in my backyard. How I had lived in my house for a year and hadn’t found it sooner, is a mystery to me. In a fit of excitement, I started filling bags left and right with any fruits and veggies that looked delicious (and they all looked more delicious than my food store’s produce isle).  Two little baby eggplants ended up in one of those bags, and ended up sitting on my counter until one of them went bad.  Without enough to make a full eggplant parm dish, this simple little side dish of eggplant parm bites came to life!  Typically I try to make things as healthy as I can without completely ruining the taste, so I decided to do a little test with this recipe.  I baked half of the bites, and fried the other half.  Which turned out better? Keep reading…

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Baked Salt & Vinegar Zucchini & Squash Chips

I’m slightly obsessed with salt and vinegar flavored anything. Chips, obviously. Almonds, which I recently discovered. I’m convinced that you could hand me salt and vinegar flavored cardboard and I’d like it. But in the spirit of combining health and taste-bud-delight, tonight I decided to use up the squash and zucchini that had been sitting in my fridge untouched for the past week. I’ve seen tons of recipes for zucchini chips, but salt and vinegar zucchini chips? I had to figure it out. Continue reading

Chicken Salad that will rock your world

This is the best chicken salad. Ever.

End of story.

On of my friends has refused to order chicken salad at a deli or restaurant ever since I made her this recipe. This chicken salad spoils people.  And… it’s healthy.  That’s right. Leave everything you know about mayonnaise-slathered goopy caloric-filled chicken salad behind, because this is a game changer.

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Cauliflower Crust Pizzas [Margherita & Pepperoni]

Carbs, mmmmm. I love ’em. I love them in pizza and sandwiches and pasta and any other form those tasty little guys are served up in. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. So the other night, I decided to try to trick my taste buds. And I’ll be darned, it worked. Not only did this cauliflower crust pizza look just like pizza, it tasted like it too! I will admit, the consistency is a bit off, but the flavor was all there.
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