Restaurant Replica: “The World’s Greatest Sandwich” from The Knight House

Restaurant Replica: "The World’s Greatest Sandwich" from The Knight HouseIf a restaurant claims to be serving “the world’s greatest sandwich,” you have  to order it, right? I mean how could you not test out such a bold claim of superiority? Well, I passed it up, but my boyfriend certainly couldn’t.  The results: Great indeed, he claims. Maybe the best sandwhich ever.  Can we recreate it at home? Duh, no problem.

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Restaurant Replica: Chang’s Spicy Chicken [from PF Changs]

Although it’s a “suburbanite chain,” I’m not afraid to admit that I love me some P.F. Chang’s.  At all my favorite restaurants, I have a staple dish that I rarely ever stray from. Well a few weeks ago, I strayed, and I ordered Chang’s Spicy Chicken. And I’ll never go back.  I’ve spent some time perusing the web and trying to figure out the perfect combination of recipes to replicate this tasty dish, and I am pretty freaking pleased with what I came up with. So come along while I get my spicy chaaang on, hungry ones… Continue reading

Restaurant Replica: Chicken Limoncello

Chicken Limoncello | Something to be SavoredA friend recently sent me her favorite coconut shrimp from a restaurant, suggesting I try to make it myself.  While the recipe is on the back burner (only until I go out and buy some shrimp!), the idea is on the front burner. So today, I give you the very first Restaurant Replica, a post in which I replicate some of my favorite dishes from local restaurants.  There is a great Italian place in West Chester, PA called Limoncello. If you go, you should get their signature dish. I was not going, but I decided I wanted that damn signature dish anyway. So on a random Tuesday night, with six of my besties gathered around my dinner table (picture below!), I attempted to recreate that delicious Chicken Limoncello. Continue reading