Savor the little ones

There have been a heck of a lot of babies born lately. Little Baby Ruth. Aubrey, a.k.a. Baby Girl Rongaus. Handsome Mr. Mason Rush.

Newborn Photography | Something to be SavoredAnd a lot of my favorite little ones turning ages too old for me to comprehend! Benjo and Ronan are three?! Graham is one?! I love me some cute little babies (With the condition that I can give them back; God knows this girl is not ready for a precious piece of cuteness of her own.). These fun little baby thoughts prompted me to share some photos from the first little squirt I ever did (attempt) to do a photoshoot with… and one year later… the first birthday invitation I designed for that same handsome little man! I really do wish time would slow down, sometimes. Anyway, here are some precious little moments to savor…

Newborn Photography | Something to be Savored

Newborn Photography | Something to be Savored

Happy (a few days belated) first birthday little man, and thanks for being my very first lil’ model!

Billy’s mom planned an adorable baseball-themed birthday party, so I designed these fun tickets to invite guests over to celebrate!  (Interested in customizing this invite for your own event?! Leave a comment including your personal email address and we can chat about options!)

Ticket to the Party | Something to be Savored


2 thoughts on “Savor the little ones

  1. This is so cute! We did something like this for Olivia’s 1st birthday party w/ invites for her carnival themed party & we got so many nice compliments!!

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