DIY Coasters [tiles + scrapbook paper]

Know what sucks? Ruining your furniture because you didn’t use a coaster. Know what sucks even more? Not having coasters to match your every occasion (right?!). Thankfully, scrapbook paper comes in about 9837583 different colors, patterns, and designs. And even more luckily, you can make your own coasters for cheeeaaap. So whether you’re looking to give a cost-savvy housewarming gift, or are just another nit-picky home decorator trying to ensure every detail matches, you will love how easy these coasters are to make.


  • Tiles: plain white tiles were only 16¢ at Home Depot!
  • Scrapbook paper: 20¢-50¢, depending on how fancy your taste is 😉
  • Mod Podge
  • “Preserve It” or any other acrylic sealer spray to waterproof the coasters
  • Rubber or felt protectors — anything to keep the tile from scratching your furniture


Cut the scrapbook paper to a size just slightly smaller than the tile, so a very thin border of tile remains around the paper. I use a paper cutter for this to ensure they are very straight, but you could also use an exacto blade against a ruler, or if you are cocky and confident with your scissor-skills just do it free-hand you damn show off.

Paint one very thin, even layer of mod podge over the tile. Place the paper on the tile and smooth out any bumps or bubbles caused by the mod podge underneath.

Once dry, paint a thin layer of mod podge over top of the paper and tile.  Allow it to dry, and repeat 3 or 4 more times.  Once the coasters are completely dry, take them outside and spray them with the acrylic sealer spay.

Adhere the rubber or felt bumpers to the bottom of the coaster corners.

Lastly, pour yourself (or your guests) a glass of wine, put it on the coaster, admire, pick it back up and drink that damn wine.


5 thoughts on “DIY Coasters [tiles + scrapbook paper]

  1. what a fantastic idea! they look really great. I have never thought of making and giving like this for christmas but now after seeing this, I would definitely try this out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A very great idead indeed! I have lots of stationary because, i have been collecting it since I was in elementary days. Now, I think it is a good idea if i will make coasters which wil preserve my collections and even see it more beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Did you have problems with the smell of the sealer afterwards? I’ve read it’s got a very strong chemical smell, how long did it take for the smell to go away? I love this post and I sooo want to make coasters for my new house!! Just wondering how long I’d have to wait to actually use them.
    Great looking coasters btw!

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