Savor the Showers

It’s September. Summer is officially over, and I’m officially depressed. But one thing that does mean, is the onset of wedding season. I love a good wedding, but my god do I dread those showers. If I wind up in one more toilet paper dress or am handed another “bridal bingo” card, I might die.  So why not change things up for the next bridal or baby shower you host, with shower mad libs? It’s an easy game that everyone can play while the bride-to-be or mother-to-be opens gifts (it’s better than sitting there in silence picking at your cuticles). There are usually a few in the crowd that accidentally end up sounding quite inappropriate, which is sure to get some laughs from your otherwise robotic crowd of woo-ers. Make that shower something to remember (and savor!); leave a comment below with your personal email address if you’re interested in customizing the mad libs for your own event!

Wedding Shower Mad Libs | Something to be Savored

Baby Shower Mad Libs | Something to be Savored


29 thoughts on “Savor the Showers

  1. How do I go about getting a copy of your “wedding shower lib’. I like it because it is different from all the rest.

    • I typically charge $15 for customizing the mad libs template. I would send you a PayPal invoice, and you pay through the secure PayPal site. At the same time, I would start working on your mad lib. I would need: The future bride and groom’s/mom and dad’s names, the colors you’d like me to use, and the picture(s) you’d like me to use. I would then email you the PDF, and you print them yourself on any type of paper and in any quantity you need.

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