Buttermilk-Maple French Toast Muffins

French Toast Muffins | Something to be SavoredWhen I was little, my dad owned a bakery. So, it’s logical that should be really good at baking, right? False. I love Betty Crocker yellow cake. Yes, from the box. I also enjoy some break-and-bake cookies from time to time. Blasphemous, you think?  Well for that reason, I haven’t really learned how to be a great baker yet. My only dessert recipe on this blog so far has involved rolling peanut butter pretzel balls in my hands and sticking them in my freezer.  I also attempted a Reese’s cup pie, but it was such a disaster it wasn’t even post-worthy.  So this post may be my first official attempt and success story (for the most part) of baking from scratch.  I found this recipe for buttermilk-maple french toast muffins with cinnamon streusel and maple-buttermilk glaze, and although it seemed long, it also seemed fool-proof, so I was sold. Continue reading